Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top ten ways to empower yourself Pt. 2

5. Research Research Research - If you are trying to empower yourself you better make sure you that you thoroughly researched what you are trying to learn.  The only thing that's worst than not gaining any information is receiving the wrong information.  With all of the valuable resources out there you shouldn't have an excuse.

4. Prepare to withstand the rain - No matter how hard you try to make everyone like your new empowerment process there will be one, two, three, or more people to trying to hold you back and discourage you from your progress.  If this happens just remember that you are making substantial progress.  Always remember the pain is apart of the game.  Most people worry when people start talking bad about them, I would start to worry when people stop talking about you.

3. Build with like minded individuals - Surrounding yourself around people with similar goals will keep you grounded and motivated you to achieve your goals.  You also need a group of people that you can relate to you on your new road of empowerment.  Once again, you will be faced with a lot of adversity in your new position and you will need a strong support system that will help you and can relate to what you are experiencing.

2. Empower someone else with the same thing you empowered yourself with - You've empowered yourself with new information so now bless someone with the knowledge that's made you a better person.  Maya Angelou said is best - When you learn, teach. When you get, give.

1. Fine another goal and repeat steps 10 through 1 :) - Need I say more.  Keep the empowerment process going!!!!!!

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