Saturday, March 5, 2011

Top ten ways to empower yourself Pt. 1

Empowering yourself to become more than what you currently are is a great and overwhelming process.  Most people want to empower themselves but they don't know where to start.  With this in mind I developed a ten points on the things you need to do to start the process of empowering yourself.  I'm sure that their are more ways to accomplish this but these are the things that worked for me and hopefully they will work for you also.  Enjoy!

10. Be Serious - Don't just say you want to empower yourself and make a difference in your community, country, or the world be serious enough to put a plan together to make things happen and put your best foot forward and do it.  You will never be taken seriously if you procrastinate and make excuses for why you are not empowering yourself to make your dreams come true.

9. Get out of your comfort zone - Empowering yourself means that you will put forth a set of actions that you have never done before thus taking yourself out of your comfort zone.  This is totally natural but I must say whatever it is that you are afraid of you should find the best and quickest way to get over the fear. Everyone is afraid of something but it's the person that faces their fear are the ones that are successful.

8. Remove the negative attributes in your life - Empowering yourself is a very positive action but with everything in life there's balance. For all the good and positive in your life you are going to have some negative attributes also.  The main action item for this is simply get rid of the negative attributes. 

Whether it's certain people in your life or the things you read on a daily basis simply remove those negative things out of your life and quickly fill them with positive things.  Having all things positive in your life will give you a great amount of momentum.  This momentum will give you the positive push that you will need during those "not so positive" moments while you are traveling down your road to empowerment.

7. More reading less TV - Put down the remote control, XBOX 360 / PS3 Controller, and pick up a book!  I like video games also but I like reading and learning more that will continue to develop myself.  You are not going to empower yourself by sitting down and watching TV for 12 to 15 hours per day.

6. Be honest with yourself and what you need to work on - You can lie to others but you can't lie to yourself on what you need to do to empower yourself and grow as a person.  Every one's process to empower themselves is different so don't worry about how someone else is empowering themselves find out what works for you and push yourself.  It may be hard in beginning to do this because you may uncover somethings that you have been buried in the back of your mind for years take the time to overcome this.  Take all the time you need to fix this piece so it will not come back to hunt you in the future.

Stay tune next week of Pt 2 of " Top ten ways to empower yourself"

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