Sunday, April 24, 2011

How powerful are your words?

It's very true that your actions will always speak louder than you words but how you use your words are just as important.  If we totally grasp the concept on how big of an impact our words have we would either push our message out more or think twice before speaking.  History has shown that words are powerful enough to inspire a nation of  youth to become more than they ever thought they could become or manipulate the same youth to kill each other over a color or just because someone looked at them the "wrong way".

Words can be used for only two ways to build or to destroy

  Build - Words use to build will always have an encouraging, motivating, and realistic feel behind them.  That's why anytime I hear someone's success from the bottom to the top I'm inspired by how they carefully put their words together to describe how they got to where there are in life.  This is also the reason people will spend their hard earned money to read or listen to their favorite motivational speaker their words can move mountains.  

Destroy - The right words can and will destroy a persons dreams, self esteem, or any other positive attributes in their life.  The really sad thing about it is that some people are so use to hearing negative words that it's become a way of life for them or even worst does not recognize when something positive is said to them.

How will you use your words? 

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