Thursday, July 7, 2011

History of My Future

In the movie, “Back to the Future," the main character, Marty McFly has the opportunity to travel into the future to see how his life would be if he continued to travel down his current path.  If there was something that he didn't like, he had the advantage of changing his actions in the present, thus changing his future.

Even though this is just a fictional movie about a fictional future, we can apply this concept to our lives in the present. History has shown that if you don't incorporate certain actions into your present life, a certain type of future will be designed for you.  Please walk with me down the path I was traveling and how I was able to accept and embrace changes which ultimately helped me to achieve a better work / life balance.

Years ago at my first job, the most important aspect of my life was working.  I would spend countless hours at the office, totally disregarding quality time with my family and friends.  My philosophy was that my money was the most important thing in my life and that if I wanted to keep this cycle going, I had to work more.  Little did I know that the more hours I worked at my job, the less time I had to spend with my family and friends.  I look back at the future which I was creating and I'm not proud of it.

The blessing that occurred in my life was getting laid off from the same job that I had dedicated countless hours to.  My first reaction was that my job was taken away from me, but in retrospect, God was removing the one thing that was damaging my life and giving me another opportunity to gain a better balance of what should have been of the upmost importance. If I had failed to accept this divine reroute of my path, my future would have been a lonely one.

Most successful people have some sort of void in their lives, whether it’s losing the strong connection with their family or becoming something that they can't even look at in the mirror. Not me, not now, not ever.......

With any endeavor that you are involved in ALWAYS put you family first! At the end of the day, they are the reason you are working so hard in the first place right?

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