Thursday, February 3, 2011

Someone out there is better than you.....

When people obtained a preview of this blog entry they immediately assumed this topic is pertaining to the essence of competition or better yet beating your competition.  However, the objective is this blog pertains to the importance of having a mentor.  A mentor is someone who's walked down the paths you are walking down, established the relationships you inspire develop, and in most cases in a better professional space than you are in right now.

When someone comes across an established professional that they want to approach most people respond in a number of ways.  One person would be intimated by that persons accomplishments and never approach him or her and ask them for advice.  Another person would would prejudge the established professional and down them when in actuality they have no idea what they gone though (both the good and bad) to get to where they are at in their lives. Then you have the last person that would honestly inquire about what actions the established professional took to get where they are at.  When the establish professional answers their questions a beautiful process called mentoring starts to occur.  Having a mentor will cost your nothing but time and discipline but your return on investment will surpass anything that you put in.

To conclude if you are blessed with a great mentor that gives you their time, advice, and wisdom make sure you reach back and mentor someone that needs your wisdom, advice, and time.

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