Thursday, January 27, 2011

Processing your Thought Process

According to many scholars a thoughts can be more powerful than any man made weapon.  How you channel your thoughts can lead you down a road of success or down a road of destruction.  If done right, your thoughts can also inspire and influence millions of people so make sure your thoughts are as positive as they can be.  Don't get me wrong we can't have positive thoughts all the time but as long as the good out numbers the bad you are heading in the right direction.

Be aware of a concept called "The Thief in the Mind".  The thief in the mind is that little negative voice in your mind that tells you "You're too short", "You're too tall", "You're not good enough to get this job" or "You're never going to amount to anything".  These thoughts will put you in a negative state of mind and keep you there for a very long time.  Personally, I had to battle with my own thief and constantly had to fight with the negative thoughts I consumed day in and day out.

 Even when things were going right, I would always have a negative thought to bring me back down from the positive high I was on.  I would tell myself that having these thoughts will keep me balanced in the long run.  Little did I know I was hurting myself and making it easier for someone who tried to keep me down.  I still ask myself to this day why did I go down that road?

If you are having these negative thoughts I suggest you follow this three step activity.

1.  Get a sheet of paper and write down all of the negative thoughts you have. Now this process may take a couple of hours, days, or months however, write until every last negative thought you have is out of your system and on that sheet of paper.

2.  Get rid of the paper.  Whether you throw it away in the garbage, toss it in the shredder, or burn it getting rid of the sheet of paper is a symbol of you getting rid of the negativity in your life.  This is an extremely important task so I want to make sure that everyone who's reading this understands the metaphor behind getting rid of the paper.

3. Write down positive things you see and do.  Now that you have jumped off the road of negative thoughts it's time to run down the road of positivity.  The best thing you can do is recognize and re-enforce the positive aspects you see and do going forward.  Writing the positive things down starts a new process of bring positive things in your life.  This process is simple but requires a lot of discipline.

I hope this helps you develop the positive thinking that I know you ALL are capable of......

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