Thursday, January 6, 2011

Take the first step....

As the new year comes into existence millions and millions of people around the world generate a list of goals that they are going to accomplish throughout the year.  Most of us call these goals resolutions and feel really good about what they want to accomplish on paper but loose steam after a month or so of this new discipline.  

I speak so well on this because for years and years I was the one that created these resolutions but NEVER completed them.  After a careful assessment of myself, I've discovered that I wasn't really focused on the actual task. I was more focused on when I was going to start working on my resolutions.  I created my resolutions a month in advance and wouldn't start them until Jan 1st.  Looking back, that was 30 days that could have used to start my new  process. Time waits for no man, woman, or discipline. Don’t be in a situation where you don't better yourself because you are waiting for the right time.  News Flash:  The right time is now!!!

If you are serious about implementing disciplines that will turn your life around feel free to reach out and I will more than happy to assist you.  Take the first step!!

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