Thursday, January 13, 2011

Penalties of Leadership

When the concept of a great leader comes to mind we think of Jesus, Barack H. Obama, Gandhi, and our parents just to name a few.  Anytime you would read or see these great figures they would always hold their heads up high even in the face of defeat.   We never see the emotional and physical drain that being a leader has on them but make no mistake it's there.  Know this has inspired me to write this blog entry specifically shedding light on the Penalties of Leadership.  

Disclaimer: This blog entry is in no way, shape, or form, designed to discourage you as a leader.  Making the decision to be a leader as opposed to a follower is the greatest gift that you can give not only to others but also to yourself.  However, it's not easy being a leader and it will take you though a number of emotions but if you withstand the rain you will be blessed with one of the greatest accomplishments known to mad kind.  With that out the way, let me explain to you my understanding of some of the Penalties of Leadership.

1. Loneliness - We all know the saying "It's lonely at the top"  well it's even lonelier as a leader.  A lot of leaders are left to stand alone when they are criticized for not making the right decision on something.  The decision may not be the most popular to the masses but it's best for the organization they are leading.  Even if a leader has the best advisors in the world they make the final decision alone.  That concept can turn a leaders hair gray faster than you can say "executive decision".  

2. Always being judged for their decisions - In a perfect world a leader can make everyone in their organization happy every minute of the day but in the real world this will NEVER happen.  Every leader knows each decision made is accompanied by a laundry list of sarcasm, ignorance, or pure negativity.  We are all guilty of this including myself.  

3. You will be analyzed more on what you have done wrong than what you have done right - This is very sad but true.  The masses will always speak on what a leader had done wrong before saying anything they have done right.  Feedback is an extremely important tool but only when it's constructive.  Unfortunately this penalty has scared a lot of potential leaders into becoming something bigger than themselves.

To conclude this is just a fraction of the many penalties of leadership. To get to the top of the mountain you will endure many cuts, bangs, and bruises.  The key initiative is whatever you face continue to push forward and always be true to yourself and the people you are serving in your organization.  

I don't have all the answers so I want to open this blog up for  your input on what your penalties of leadership are.

I'm all ears.......

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