Monday, November 29, 2010

Eric B. Horn 2.0

Bye bye old Eric.  I appreciate all the time that we spent together and all of the positive and negative experiences that we have had. However, I noticed for the past year your love and passion for things including yourself hasn't been up to the standards that God has instilled in you. 

That concerns me and the people that in your life that care for you.  Don't get me wrong stuff like this happens to a lot of people but most people don't have the courage to change like you do.  

In fact more people will respect the change after they see it for themselves.  I know that's hard to believe right now but trust me it will.  Just think of the endless possibilities that going to happen based off of this new you.  I know you are very scared of this change but don't worry I got you.


Eric B. Horn 2.0

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