Sunday, May 2, 2010

To empower or not to empower....that is the ?

Yesterday I attended the 2nd Annual MetroBoard Empowerment Conference. I must first say hats off to Andrea Horton and her Personal & Professional Development Committee for a job very well done. I was wondering how would the PPD Committee top last year’s conference and without question they did. Now I wonder how next years conference will top this years :).

One of the main things that both Andrea and I agreed on was that we wished more people came out to this conference. Don't get me wrong the turnout was good but the Illinois College of Optometry should have been back to capacity. Six workshops, Keynote Speaker, Lunch, and Unlimited network with other professionals all for $20.00? Anywhere else a conference like this would easily cost a couple of hundred dollars. Hopefully next year more people will come out and see the extreme value of attending a conference such as this.

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