Sunday, April 25, 2010

Separating myself from the rest.....

WOW! It's been a while since I've sat down and updated everyone on what's going on. For the last couple of weeks I've been trying to figure out a keen way to separate myself from my competition. After doing some extensive research on myself I've finally come up with my personal & professional brand. To be honest, I thought was going to be as difficult as Physics III or Trigonometry but actually it was a lot simpler than I thought.

To my pleasant surprise I've been creating my brand for the majority of my life and I didn't even know it. I've always been an attentive, helpful, and motivated person and I never really recognized it until recently. Now my job is to highlight those traits to others so I can stand out from the rest. This is going to be very interesting but I can't wait to see the results from expanding my brand.

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