Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An article a day keeps the ignorance away.....

Since I use the World Wide Web everyday I honestly forgot how powerful of an information tool it is. Yesterday I was on www.wetfeet.com and read a couple of interesting articles on being a professional and the specific tools used to become successful in whatever industry that you are in. After reading the articles I felt empowered to take what I have learned and incorporate it into my everyday life.

Over the years I've gotten so busy with well.....everything that I don't take the time out to better myself. This is going changed! I've made a commitment to myself to give myself an hour a day to read and learn something new. I'm sure anyone that's reading this is like DUH but this is huge for me. Especially when I don't take time out for myself at all.

My goal with this is to re-train myself to start readying heavly again. I have over 30 books in my collection but I've never read them LOL

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