Friday, June 17, 2011

Be Nice to Everyone But Build with the Chosen Few

In your lifetime you will meet all kinds of people for all types of reasons.  Some encounters will be good others will be bad but though it all remember that these people came in your life for a reason and you should be thankful for the experience you had with them.  This is a strong lesson that I had to learn especially when it came to friends and trying to make moves with them.  My philosophy was that I would build with ALL of my friends so we are ALL successful in whatever they want to do in life.  I was the type where if I hear someones dream I was ready to help them succeed however, when I was ready did not necessarily mean that they were ready.

Honestly, I would get frustrated with some of my friends because they say they want to be successful but when the time comes no action is taken.  It took me a while to realize that everyone moves at their own speed and when they are ready to move forward they will.  The biggest piece of support that I can give to them at that moment is to pray that they will gain the wisdom and drive to chase after their dreams.  

To also balance out this frustration I  build and network with people who are striving to be successful every second of the day.  Building with people who's goals are parallel to yours will give you extra motivation and inspiration you need to decipher  the people that talk the talk from those who walk the walk.  

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