Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Consistency is the key that will open the locked doors of success though out your career. You may have the knowledge base, network, and other resources already in place however, without being consistent day in and day out it will be all for nothing. A couple of days ago I was watching the news and it was reported that as of July 2010 there are over 14 million people who are unemployed in the United States.

When I think of the word consistency I think of those 14 million unemployed people. Every single day they get up and compete with the endless amount of people that’s hunting for the same opportunity that they are seeking. Even in the eyes of defeat, they gear up for the next day and go out into the same battlefield that left them battered the day before. The level of consistency that the unemployed show is second to none. I’ve learned a lot about myself and need to be more consistent in many areas of my life. Even with writing this blog :)

Even though I have my moments with my job I’m blessed to say that I have one however, I can only imagine the stress of the people that’s out there looking for any kind of employment. My heart goes out to them and I pray that everyone will find a means of employment soon so they can continue with their “normal” lives before losing their jobs.

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